Audio Editing

For my upcoming assignment in my Strategic Presentations class, we have to edit audio. I’ve had minimal experience editing audio. The only time I’ve done so was in iMovie for school video projects.  I added music and sound effects to certain scenes to make the movie better. That being said , I look forward to learning the ins and outs of audio editing because it may come useful in the future.

I’m not sure exactly what my career path will be, but I know I want it to involve media and music. Whether my job be a mix of the two, or it be one or the other I know audio editing is a skill that will come in handy.  Creating content for a brand such as a video ad or any type of movie, knowing how to edit the audio in the video is very useful because i would not have to rely on another person to edit it for me. I plan on possibly starting a podcast or an interview series in which I interview local artists, and hopefully maybe grow my platform to where I can interview bigger artists. If i want to do so I will need to learn how to edit the audio in a podcast/interview whether it be cutting certain parts, censoring, and adding special sound effects.

Besides using audio editing on a career level, audio editing can be used for fun. I have multiple friends who make music and produce. If I ever wanted to become involved in their process, audio editing is vital. If I become proficient at GarageBand and other audio editing softwares like Protools , I can help them edit their songs, and maybe even learn to mix and master them.

A microphone often used in podcasts. I got this picture from

A microphone often used in podcasts. I got this picture from


3 thoughts on “Audio Editing

  1. sarahalaskar says:

    I love the image featured in this week’s blog post of yours! I can totally relate to your excitement and eagerness towards learning how to better audio edit, as well as to your feelings of not wanting to have to rely on someone else to audio edit for you.


  2. krj51 says:

    Audio editing is a useful skill in many areas, both professional and personal. I find that I use audio editing for more person uses like helping friends with school assignments, but I have done a few paid projects. It can also be a fun skill to have. Just making new pieces to listen to can be enjoyable.


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