Podcast Reflection/Editing

candid picture of me making my intro.

candid picture of me making my intro.

Creating the fictional podcast introduction was actually pretty cool. Working in Garageband, I felt like I was an important music producer or something.  Producing the podcast was a fun process for me because I wanted to make sure the song choice fit well and it was just satisfying when the fade came out like I wanted to.  One thing that me cringe was hearing my voice on the recording. I HATE the way my voice sounds recorded so when I listened to the final product,  my voice ruined the enjoyment of the assignment for me .

The video I watched was a review of the Power Rangers Mega Battle video game.  For the most part the video showed gameplay with commentary from the reviewers, with video of them in the top right corner.  To do this, the producer must of recorded their tv with a game capture device such as an Elgato game capture. After they recorded the game footage, and the footage of themselves  , in a movie editing software they matched up the game to the real life footage. I’m sure IMovie or Sony Vegas is satisfactory to be able to do that. There was also a segment where one guy would review them playing the game , and behind him clips of gameplay would play to his left. I think they did this with some type of green screen in order to get the gameplay behind him. Another reason I know he was using a green screen was that the scene that was behind him (next to the game footage) was not real. I’m not sure what it was but the background was not placed in reality it was edited to match the theme of the game and the whole video game vibe.  Making that video probably wasn’t that hard to do if you’re proficient at editing.




One thought on “Podcast Reflection/Editing

  1. Deanna says:

    I completely agree with you on how hearing your own voice ruined the whole project. I think you are right about the software used to line up the video game footage with the recording, I know for sure you can do that in iMovie because I have done it in the past.


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