Video Editing

Making the screencast and editing it for this week’s assignment was… not my favorite assignment thus far to speak lightly. Recording the screencast was truly a struggle because I kept on having to do multiple takes . There was a 2 minute time limit and to get everything I had to say in the comparisons of the eportfolio was tough. Besides having to get my points off, I had to make sure i was giving a proper tour of the eportfolio I was talking about as well so I felt my brain was moving a mile a minute trying to get all my words out. I kept stuttering, coughing, or just pausing too long in between takes so I had to redo it about 5 times. Even my final product was not how I really wanted it to sound, but at that point I was defeated and it was the best take out of the 5 so I ran with it.

Bogust in the article “Playing Politics: Videogames for Politics, Activism, Advocacy ” discusses how videogames can have a political impact and convey a message to the player.  He explains how games puts the player in political positions that they would of never experienced.  Being someone who used to played a lot of videogames ,I can agree . Games that involve war , like Call of Duty calls for the player to sometimes make decisions that favor a certain agenda or point of view. I recall playing a game on the computer where there was a virus killing the population, and I had to make the right decisions in order to keep everyone alive. Sometimes I would win and save most of the people, and other times the whole population would die due to my actions. By learning environmental practices through playing that game, I felt as though I gained meaning as Bogust put it.


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