Midterm Reflection

When I saw the midterm assignment, I wasn’t sure which topic to choose for my blog. After some contemplation it was a toss up between Manchester United (my favorite soccer team) or hip hop, and i chose hip hop. I figured that most people wouldn’t be interested in a soccer blog and music is something that everyone enjoys. After drawing that conclusion it was just a matter of creating the blog and the direction I wanted the blog to go towards.

I did not want to waste to much time debating on a name, so the first thing that came to my mind I chose to stick with which was “handmetheaux” but that was taken, as was “givemetheaux”. I kept thinking of titles but givemetheaux was still my favorite so for the URL i simply added blog to the end since givemetheaux.wordpress URL already existed. I started with the basic design before thinking of the content. I used pictures of hip hop legends, concerts , and other music related photos to head different pages. Once I finished the design of the blog I was pretty content. I had minimal problems constructing the pages but I struggled placing the widgets where I wanted them to be which was frustrating.

Last thing to do was add the content in the blog. Since it was a hip hop blog I added a first post with song suggestions, and new music to look forward to. I wanted givemtheauxblog to have something different that sets it apart from other blogs, so for the video portion of the midterm i chose to make it apart of a video series that the blog will have. I figured a monthly video series would actually interest people visiting my blog and give incentive to check back again for more updates.

When it comes to group projects in college I’m really not a fan. I feel like group projects are fine for highschool but in college I feel projects should be a solo effort because members are busier and it is way harder to get together with different schedules. Hyde’s “What is Collaboration anyway” was interesting because it showed me how much goes into the concept of collaboration. Something I could relate was the problem between group identity and individual identity because in groups previously whether it was for school work or for an extra curricular, when working in a group there is always the possibility of some type of sacrifice someone may have to make for the group to accomplish their goals.


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