My Top 5

My classmates did a great job with their midterm blogs so choosing a top 5 was hard but here it is (in no particular order).


I really enjoyed this blog as soon as I opened it because of the inviting design. The color scheme seemed to fit a blog made for hair and makeup.The  header even is even personalized to the title of the blog “Beauty by Geri”. The way the menu and pages are setup is really user friendly as well. Her posts about hair and makeup, especially with the video were very professional. Her blog looked like the type of blog my sister would visit for hair tips.


This blog was really well put together and Lorena being the brand ambassador- she did a great job promoting the Firefly Music Festival. The idea for the blog is original and even the background pictures fit the blog topic and overall vibe. The page topics were different and all really helpful if one wanted to attend this festival. My favorite part of her blog was the artist playlist page. Usually festivals have flyers that have a huge list of the acts performing, but the way she set up this page was interactive and creative.


Being a food lover, once I saw the name of the blog I was engaged. When I saw it was a blog about sandwiches specifically I was even more intrigued because as said in the about page – who doesn’t love a good sandwich?  The blog was really professional and I liked how there were pictures of the sandwich talked about. The first post seemed more relatable since it was a sandwich the blog editor ate . The other posts are also food places in New Jersey, so it was not just posts of sandwiches I could never get to try, it was actual places  that I could possibly go to and try the food.


This blog’s concept is a great idea because staying fit in college is a struggle i deal with and I’mm sure other students in our class deal with as well. Exploring the pages I could tell how much thought was put into the blog , for example : the recipes dropdown bar with recipes not only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but for gluten free and vegan diets. The fact the editor tried a guide to stay fit and posted her results and steps in the book showed she really wants to help the person looking at the blog. For anybody who cares about their health in college this is a blog they need to follow.


When i went to this blog , the design immediately caught my eye. The blog page with different photos for each topic was really well put together. As i said previously fitness is a big part of my life so blogs that help people live a more positive lifestyle I really enjoy. The posts were well though out and really helpful if you want to live healthy. Reading the posts on the blog  gave me a comfortable layback  feel too.


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