Before Storyboard

When working in a group, having a mutual creative direction is key to succeeding. My group and I are still in the preliminary stages of our project, but we already have a strong start and we are doing a good job of communicating . In class we make sure everyone’s ideas and opinions are considered and valued. Out of class we communicate via text as well as Google Docs where we brainstorm and answer important questions to further the progress of the project. With Jeffrey being a filmmaker and Mark’s creativity I know our project will come out great.

With all of us having such varying schedules, creating a storyboard together is tough. We’re each going to have a personal storyboard and then take components from each when we complete our final storyboard. I’ve wrote scripts for movie projects but never prepared by drawing a storyboard so I’m excited to try my hand at this . I know my group members will have interesting and creative storyboards so I know I can’t be lazy about this and really put thought into it. Once we view each other’s storyboards and combine them together I know we will have a great movie in our hands.


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