Gathering Material

Now that the project is coming together, any piece of media that can help make our project better is valued. An image I found that can be helpful was a picture with job interview tips. Since we are thinking of doing a mock interview, the interviewee can find those tips useful and maybe we can implement the image into our video. Especially for viewers who are just getting into the workforce or learning about career services here at Rutgers , knowing how to prepare for an interview or mock interview is useful. A video I thought can help for out project is this video i found thats about campus life- living on campus vs off campus. is the link for reference.  We can draw ideas from the locations and scenes they used in this video for our own. The angles used in the video to interview people can help us as well when we need ideas of different shots or angles to use in our video as well.  We have the place we want to film , as well as a general overview of what we’re doing in the video. Being that our focus is on mock interviews after our video is watched the viewer should have a full idea of what a mock interview is and how to prepare for a real job interview. unnamed-1


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