Post Production

So far, I think our project is coming along well.  To be honest when I initially saw we were assigned a group project, I was not looking forward to it. I know everyone has busy schedules in college so I know it might of been hard to schedule times to meet, and also working with others in college, you never know what type of student you can get. When my group formed in class and we did the short assignment in class i knew i had a group that would work well together.  We decided to do a mock interview video for career services, and our creative process went smooth. We each valued each other’s ideas and input on what the video should be about, from the story to location and more. I think for a team to work together well, it is vital everyone’s input is valued equally.

Although we’ve had a relatively smooth process this far, every team accomplishing a goal is bound to face obstacles . Two obstacles i anticipate we may encounter is first during filming. I’ve worked on movie projects before and there are always unexpected deterrents that we’ve had to solve. Whether it was a camera problem, or something with the script and acting it out. A second obstacle is in the editing process because editing is a lot of trial and error. Two milestones we overcame accomplished was being able to settle on a time and day to meet, and the right location. The week we initially planned to meet we couldn’t ,but the next week we went over in class a clear time to meet. Another milestone we overcame was when we chose mock interview, we didn’t know that it was not with another real person, so we had planned an idea for the video that was completely wrong. That week in class we were able to adjust our idea to the proper concept of a mock interview without having to switch far from our original plan.


One thought on “Post Production

  1. sarahalaskar says:

    I agree with you when you say that you were not exactly excited when you found out you had to do a group project — but my experience with my group seems to be similar to yours! We are actually working really well together, each accomplishing different tasks, putting our ideas together. It is true that we are all bound to face some sort of obstacle(s), but I believe it is important to learn from these experiences.


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