Thinking Critically

In Jenkins’ article “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars” he talks about how Star Wars fans made their own parodies and versions of Star Wars , and how consumers eventually became a part of that brand. He then expands on how that ties into how consumers  that start as fans become a contributing part of the media industry.  The internet has changed the way we consume media because with the internet we are more participatory and influential now in what is produced from what we like. I feel like with platforms such as Twitter, product owners can see directly how the masses react to their products and then move accordingly from their reaction. Because of this, the fans have just as much agency as the product owners if not more because in order for their product to sell they have to listen to the consumer. I can think of a recent example of this recently with the brand Shea Moisture that is a hair brand that caters specifically to African American hair. They recently released an ad with the center of attention being a white woman as well as changing the formula to cater to other races than African Americans, which received  backlash because black women felt one of the few companies that was for them was turning their back on them. In two days, Shea Moisture released a statement apologizing and assuring the consumers they were not changing the formula. Jenkins wrote about how Star Wars fans wrote their own films and plots using Star Wars characters and even one of them got hired to write Star Wars comic books. Examples like that show how fan culture is changing because fans now being able to distribute their own versions of whatever they are fans of, can get them enough exposure to get them careers .



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